Tuesday, March 17, 2015

About Us

      The movement “HIEROPHANTS” is composed of free thinking, open minded persons, with self-knowledge, who devoutly follow the ancestral Gods of the Hellenic Religion.
       The name “HIEROPHANTS” was chosen in order to denote the reverence for all our ancestors, who in centuries passed on to generations the knowledge about the Gods, the Hellenic Worship and the Hellenic Mysteries. This particular name must NOT be considered in any case as something that denotes arrogance, selfishness and an excessive EGO.
A Hierophant is considered any person, who has conceived the nature of the Gods and the Hellenic Religion and is capable to pass on this knowledge to other people and reveal to them, as the Greek word “hierophant” means, the sanctities. Whoever follows the Gods with piety, is capable to approximate and know the Sanctities, the Expressible and Inexpressible of the Hellenic Religion.
       The movement “HIEROPHANTS” not only aims at the prominence of the Hellenic Religion and preservation of its continuity, but also INVITES all Hellenes* to devoutly follow the ancestral Gods through the Hellenic Logos, in order to become themselves Hierophants too.

*Hellenes are all people who feel Greek, think Greek, speak Greek and generally have a deep love for the Hellenic civilization and world.



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