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Τρίτη 17 Μαρτίου 2015

About Us

      The movement “HIEROPHANTS” is composed of free thinking, open minded persons, with self-knowledge, who devoutly follow the ancestral Gods of the Hellenic Religion.
       The name “HIEROPHANTS” was chosen in order to denote the reverence for all our ancestors, who in centuries passed on to generations the knowledge about the Gods, the Hellenic Worship and the Hellenic Mysteries. This particular name must NOT be considered in any case as something that denotes arrogance, selfishness and an excessive EGO.
A Hierophant is considered any person, who has conceived the nature of the Gods and the Hellenic Religion and is capable to pass on this knowledge to other people and reveal to them, as the Greek word “hierophant” means, the sanctities. Whoever follows the Gods with piety, is capable to approximate and know the Sanctities, the Expressible and Inexpressible of the Hellenic Religion.
       The movement “HIEROPHANTS” not only aims at the prominence of the Hellenic Religion and preservation of its continuity, but also INVITES all Hellenes* to devoutly follow the ancestral Gods through the Hellenic Logos, in order to become themselves Hierophants too.

*Hellenes are all people who feel Greek, think Greek, speak Greek and generally have a deep love for the Hellenic civilization and world.



The text of the Hierophants "Announcment", which was posted on 20/3/2014, Vernal Equinox

 Vernal Equinox
  20 March, 2014- 9th day of the Month Elaphebolion
1st year from the 698th Olympiad 

     At the dawn of the 21st century after common chronology, Hellenic religion is reborn through the medieval darkness, which has occupied the sacred soil of the Greek land, in the same way that Dionysus Zagreus was reborn to Dionysus Elefthereus, the liberator of human souls from the bonds of matter and their mortal nature.
      The Sacred Hellenic Logos calls us to defend and follow it in this decadent age we live in, where there is leveling of nations, cultures, human rights, laws, values, truth and justice.
       For 1.700 years the Hellenic religion is being persecuted. The Greek Sanctuaries and our Temples were destroyed by decree of the Roman conquerors. The priests and priestesses of the Hellenic Religion were persecuted and Hellenic theology textbooks either disappeared or were destroyed in their entirety. The same happened with the works of the Greek philosophers, as very few have survived and these not fully. The word “Greek” (Héllēn) was a curse and was punished by death. After the revolution of 1821 and the liberation of Greece, the continued oppression persists even after the restoration of democracy.
      During the recent years there have been several efforts to promote and recognize the Hellenic Religion. But these efforts are not derived through a collective action of a mass movement, which would have to assert the obvious in a dynamic way: our rights as indigenous Greeks should be defined not only by the UN Declaration but also by the unwritten and inviolable laws of our ancestors.
      With the advent of the Vernal Equinox a cycle of contacts is completed in which many of us shared thoughts, concerns and opinions to fulfill a common dream: the recognition and promotion of Hellenic Religion and Classical Hellenic Ideas, Virtues and Values in order to maintain the ancestral Flame immortal.
      Our action begins with the Vernal Equinox to declare exactly what it symbolizes; the beginning of a new season, and the dominance of light. Through this ambitious view we hope to project the everlasting of Hellenic Religion and contribute to its uninterrupted path connecting it with the data of modern times. Our intention is to free the rescued theological texts from any misinterpretation or interference, which has been added during the last 17 centuries, through objective investigation of ancient theological texts, archaeological findings and our national traditions combined with Greek philosophy, especially the classical period one.
      Our goal and main axes of our activities are:
  1. Recognition of the Hellenic Religion.
  2. The emergence of the values and virtues of Hellenic Religion.
  3. The recognition of our rights as indigenous Greeks.
  4. The defense of ancestral values and our holy places.
  5. The correct approach of Hellenic worship.
  6. The formation of Αmphictiony of all the healthy minded Greeks, so that through a concerted effort to assemble a team movement with Virtues and Values
     We invite every free Greek citizen, which can share the same worries, concerns and visions, to join our actions for achieving our common goal. We accept and endorse the ancestral worldview as a whole and in every dimension as it was before the introduction of the Eastern doctrine by the Romans.
      Our Action, which will be intensified in the coming months, is based on equal and selfless voluntary work, without any profit-making or other types of benefits, and focuses on the realization of our common objectives. Our positions, our actions, articles, our studies etc. will be announced through our blog and our page on Facebook, in order to be accessible to all Greeks-Hellenes*.

*  Greeks-Hellenes are all people, who love Greek-Hellenic culture, civilization, religion, and speak the Greek-Hellenic language, modern or ancient!